​​Wayne Lucina



  1. JFK assassination, Oswald, wayne lucina
  2. Crusader Robot **SOLD**
    Crusader Robot **SOLD**
  3. Monkey Brains **SOLD**
    Monkey Brains **SOLD**
  4. Street sign #1 **SOLD**
    Street sign #1 **SOLD**
  5. Kill the Mime
    Kill the Mime
  6. Red Chinese
    Red Chinese
  7. A.D. 1957
    A.D. 1957
  8. Nitro Seance
    Nitro Seance
  9. The Interrogation.
    The Interrogation.
  10. Sometimes the victim is true love.
    Sometimes the victim is true love.
  11. Arrive innocent, Leave guilty
    Arrive innocent, Leave guilty
  12. Nosferothko
  13. The omen.
    The Young British Anti-Christ
  14. Superman.
    Neu Metropolis **SOLD**
  15. The Shining, kubrick
    Overlook **SOLD**
  16. Abstract art
    The Human Parts of a Monster
  17. Evil clown of middletown new jersey
    Son of Calico
  18. Magicians,Occult, Rabbits
    Harvee's Out Again?
  19. Andy Warhol
    Hunting Valerie
  20. Horror movies, Frankenstein
    Reborn into THIS !?
  21. Wayne Lucina, Bomber, Facebook
    F-Bomb (B524U) **SOLD**
  22. Jim Morrison, WayneLucina, Peace Frog
    Frog for Frank **SOLD**
  23. Warhol, Oswald, JFK assassination
    Foreign Weapon.
  24. Dachsund, hotdog
  25. Operation character
    Diabolical Follicle
  26. Philadelphia, Jan 2018
    Philadelphia, Jan 2018
  27. Pork roll or Taylor ham? Which side are you on?
    Pork roll or Taylor ham? Which side are you on?