​​Wayne Lucina



I have always loved record album cover art, science fiction, horror and noir type films, world history and all kinds of cartoon and advertising art. I've also got a huge infatuation involving the original American muscle car era. So, whenever possible I try to incorporate some of these influences into my artwork. That's not to say I don't create works completely devoid of these things. To me, there's always something new or old to be inspired by.

As far as influential artist go, the list is very long, diverse and covers centuries: Titian, Grunewald, Richter, Schnabel, Wyeth, Warhol, etc-- All amazing in their own way. I also have to cite numerous film directors and musicians whose visual and sonic landscapes have helped me through many creative dry spells. My mediums consist of acrylics, oils, enamels and lacquers applied with brushes, knives, airbrushes and spray bombs. As you view the gallery I hope you find something you like. Thank you!